Web Design

  • webdesign example Industrial Muffins website

    Industrial Muffins
    - Old Site -

    The client asked for a site that was edgy and urban-industrial. I built this and they loved it.

  • webdesign example Industrial Muffins website

    Industrial Muffins
    - Current Site -

    A few years later, Industrial Muffins decided to re-brand. Now they wanted a cleaner, mainstream look. They brought the logo and the font. I gave them this, and they love this, too. I'm versatile!

  • web design example Pamoja Tujenge website

    Pamoja Tujenge

    My turn-around time on this project was 5 days.The client needed it done before an upcoming fundraiser.

    I used Wordpress here and taught the client how to add content.

  • web design example J.P. Locherer website

    J.P. Locherer

    The website of a Director of Photography should look as good as his work.

  • web design example McLean and Kerr law office website

    McLean & Kerr

    The client came with the design and their chosen content management system. I built the site, added the content, cropped and sized the images and made sure it looked good on phones and tablets.

    I also coached the client in how to make basic changes.

  • web design example Mavericks Water Polo website

    Mavericks Water Polo

    Another example of "skinning": I received the design as storyboards and built the site with a content management system.