Content Management, Website Maintenance and Updates

Building a website is just the first step to an online presence. Websites need updating. You can hire me to do this job, even for sites I did not build.

I can work with code, WordPress, or any other content management system you use.

I do updates within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Want to do your updates yourself, but don't know how? No problem, I can teach you
what you need to know.

"Kati is a superb service provider. I feel fortunate to have found someone so perfect for me – I am extremely busy and not at all interested in a "do-it-yourself" approach to my website design and upkeep.

Kati communicates clearly without using technical jargon and she is proactive generating ideas. Her response time to requests is better than what I have ever experienced. I would not hesitate to offer the highest recommendation for Kati's work."

Barbara Stewart
Partner and Portfolio Manager,
Cumberland Private Wealth Management

Some sites I maintain:

Northland Power

Barbara Stewart