About Kati Széphegyi and KoffeeKat


My first name is Kati. When asked how to pronounce it correctly, I tell people to say it just like "coffee", but with a "t" instead of the two "f"s.

I'm happy to meet over coffee and discuss your website.

I like cats.

I'm Hungarian and, in my language, the "k" sound is always spelled with the letter K.

My education

B.A. in English and Scandinavian (Danish) –
Eötvös Lóránd University of Arts and Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Graphic and Web Design Diploma, Toronto Image Works Institute

How I became a web designer

I decided some years ago that I needed a website for my photography. So I built one for myself with an old version of Photoshop, which still had this functionality. It was fun! An acquaintance, who was just opening a piano studio, saw my site and asked me to create a site for her business. It became my first paid web design job and she still uses it today.(To see the Toronto Piano Studio website click here.) I decided to study web design and here we are.